Besides video and artwork I also build medium size websites. I can’t write that much code so I use WordPress with my own customizations in the CSS (code). Are you interested in working with me or do you want some more information? Don’t hesitate to get in contact with me through the contact page.


I use WordPress as website builder. Because WordPress uses standard themes which sometimes just don't fit with your preferences I customize the WordPress code exactly as you like and need. This way all my websites get their own beautiful design and proper functioning.


My goal when building a website for someone is that the client can edit, improve and modify the website after I've build it. You shouldn't be dependent on my when you want to edit your new website or build a new page. As soon as the website is fully installed and working I will explain every detail of it until everything is completely clear to you.


Even when everything was so well explained and user friendly a small problem on the website can still occur. That's why I offer a support with every website I build. This way every problem can be solved and your site should be working soon again. Besides that I will also monthly update, backup and check the website on problems.