I’m making video’s for a couple of years now. Mostly commercial videos and web trailers but also short documentaires or after movies. Are you interested in working with me or do you want some more information? Don’t hesitate to get in contact with me through the contact page.


I create commercials, web trailers, short documentaries and even after movies. Everything is possible, there is no limit!


Still don't know how your video should look like? No problem, together we can find the perfect solution and create a beautiful video.


Every company has its own look and feeling. While creating a video I always try to match this feelings as best as possible, but of course every customization or input is possible.

But what’s your experience?

I started making video’s when I was 12 years old. But a couple years later I started to create real content for company’s. My first commercial video was for ONB architects. They wanted to promote their solution for the sustainability of 1960s flats in Utrecht. A year later they won the contest were they had took part of with the video.

Then I also started making video’s for NPi. Especially short web trailers for the courses they give. Soon afterwards I made a short documentary for the artist René van der Wiel in collaboration with the filmmaker Sander de Nooij.

I am of course still developing myself as a filmmaker and content creator. But what started as a hobby is now developing itself, with starting my own company, as a way more serious part of my life.

Interested in the recent projects I did? Visit my portfolio!