I create artwork such as logos, info graphics, flyers but also powerpoint styling. Everything which has to do with beautiful styling and uniformity. Are you interested in working with me or do you want some more information? Don’t hesitate to get in contact with me through the contact page.


In my opinion a very important part in creating a good design is uniformity. The existing branding needs to meet completely with the new artwork in order to look right.


I create clean and minimalistic artwork. But of course, I will always try to match my design with the company or clients style. Usually many different designes will be discussed with the client before I start creating a final design.


Every company has its own look and feeling. While creating a video I always try to match this feelings as best as possible, but of course every customization or input is possible.

What kind of artwork do you make?

Until now I’ve made multiple kinds of artwork. Logo’s for startups, infographics, flyers, posters, powerpoint styling but also just the whole branding of a small company. Really everything is possible.



How experienced are you?

A while ago I started my own company as graphic designer and content creator. So far I’ve created multiple logo’s and brandings.  One for the small startup PatientPad where I did the whole branding on Startup Weekend Utrecht 2016. But I also did some infographics and powerpoint styling for the startup Medching.

I’m still developing myself as a artwork designer, but I am capable with my current experience to create a serious branding for startups, company’s or artists.